Many of us in this modern world own an external HDD and many other types of portable storage, however External HDDs within themselves can be extremely vulnerable to attacks from cyber criminals looking to steal your sensitive information such as Insurance details, bank accounts, even your identity and papers. So that raises the question, what is the best encryption software for external hard drives? Well, we believe we have found it, and it is called Cyphertop.

Currently unparalleled in the market Cyphertop is an incredible piece of engineering and ingenuity and introduces many concepts and techniques which where unseen within the encryption scene.

Features such as:
Digital DNA
Random Phenomenons
Continuous Modifications
Random inclusion of junk information
Double Cycle

We’ll get into the nitty gritty details of all of those new exciting encryption techniques later within the article but lets first talk about Cyphertop and why you need encryption software for devices such as an external HDD.

One of the main reasons you need encryption software for an External HDD and so much more is that your data is insecure without it. Windows has many insecurities and those are easily exploitable by someone who knows what they are doing. Without encryption any sensitive information you put on an External Hard Drive such as your banking details, birth certificates, credit/debit card numbers, phone numbers and your passwords can be stolen and sold on places like the dark web. If you believe those are just rare occurrences, then think again, as according to the Breach Level Index nearly 5 million data records are stolen or lost every day. That’s why in these modern days encryption software such as Cyphertop is no longer just a niche product but a necessity.

Now, lets get into the features that make Cyphertop such an important and unique programme within the Encryption market.

#1. Use of Digital DNA
Much like real DNA, Cyphertop’s Digital DNA requires compatibility, which means only two users who own it can communicate through it. So, in simple terms it offers a secure communication between two users.

#2. Random Phenomenon
To generate high quality random numbers it uses a simulated rotational geometry model in computer memory (It’s fine if you don’t get what this means, only the very technical minded among us will)

#3. Continuous Modification
This is one of the most unique parts of Cyphertop, effectively if a message is encrypted a certain number of times to the same user/connection point the message will have the the same certain differences in content and length which means Cyphertop isn’t automatic over time. This is an feature not seen in any other ciphers developed up to this date.

#4. Random Inclusion of Junk Information
This randomly includes junk information which makes it exponentially harder for hackers to brute force your encrypted information

#5. Double Cycle
Double Cycle is another feature which is near-exclusive to Cyphertop. Once encrypted the file with the encryption is then re-encrypted as if it was the original file to be encrypted which makes attempts at a brute force attack, the most common form of hacking, useless.

If you want to get your hands on, and learn even more about the most secure and best encryption software currently available, then go visit Cyphertop’s website at