If you are looking for a best DVD ripper for Mac, then you better take more than just a passing glance at the MacX DVD Ripper Pro. This DVD ripper software allows you to rip DVD’s to MPEG4, MPEG, M4V, FLV, MP3, among other formats with high quality video cum audio quality.

There are many great features offer by this DVD ripper. You can freely download the test the software and once you are satisfied, you can purchase the full version to enjoy all the benefits and features of this ripper.

The Features Highlights
The purchase of this product ensures that you get the following by way of product features:

Fast ripping speed: This DVD ripper essentially boasts of the fastest ripping time among its peers. Its ripping time stands at 8x faster compared to the standard ripping speed among this niche of products. The awesome speed is powered by a high quality engine that also ensures that the quality of the output video is similar to that of the original.

Advanced technology to optimize the ripping process: The technology that is being alluded to is multi core processing CPU processing on MAC; batch conversion, and hyper threading, all of which are designed to ensure that the ripping process is optimized in terms of versatility.

Scalability: This DVD ripper( MacX DVD ripper pro) essentially upgrades to ensure that it decrypts and rips DVDS no matter what the latest copy protection formats are being applied in the DVD manufacturing market.

Back up copy: It is possible to have a back up copy of your original video courtesy of the copy feature that the Mac X DVD ripper pro packs. With a click of the copy button , one has a copy of the original video on Mac. Backing up your video will result in a single MPEG file of 3GB size. This can be stored on your Mac or USB hard drive.

Ease of uses: This is evident for instance by the fact that there is a default setting specifically designed for beginners. This setting essentially does all the ripping work for the user at just a click of a button. This is also evident in the fact that the DVD essentially supports both power PC and Intel processors. These are but some of the features that the MacX DVD ripper Pro essentially boast off.

The DVD’s that this DVD ripper supports are as follows: normal DVD, CSS protected DVD, REGION 1-6, Sony ArcCos, Commercial DVD, AND the ISO image. The platform that the MacX DVD ripper pro uses is the Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard/ Snow Leopard/ Lion.

The above list represents some of the features that the MacX DVD ripper has to offer. The product retails for the sum of $39.95 and its acquisition also gets you a user guide. The potential shopper has the option of electing to go the way of either downloading the Mac version or buying this Mac version from a vendor nearest them.

Analyze the features of the products, its pros, and make that step to purchase the MacX DVD ripper. We strongly believe that this Mac DVD ripper will not disappointed you as its one of the best DVD rippers for Mac in the market now.

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