I have recently been playing around with Replay Video Capture and I have found it to be quite an interesting program which I will get to in a moment. As an owner of Replay Capture Suite, I have access to all of the products that Applian makes including this one. Its a pretty cool bundle that has made it much easier for me to record videos and audio and such.

With that said, I have dedicated this page to be about Replay Video Capture review.

What does Replay Video Capture do? This is one of several programs from Applian that make recording videos easier. While it can capture and record any type of video you play, this is the only program that allows you to record live streaming video.

Let me give you an example here:
During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, I was in my apartment that didnt have cable. I was also in school working on projects and stuff and didnt feel like heading over to a friends house every day to watch the sporting events. So, I would watch feeds that people were streaming onto video sites like Justin.tv and others.

One of the big games of these Olympics was the ice hockey game between the USA and Canada. I unfortunately couldnt watch the game due to work so I had Replay Video Capture record the stream for me.

I thought it was easy to setup the first time I went to use the software. It kept about the same quality that the person with the feed had and the audio was recorded fine as well. It was pretty cool because I was able to watch the hockey game and cheer on my team (go USA!). I just wish they would have won in the end.

I have used this software countless times since.
Another great use for this software is if youre watching a live webinar or a stream of someone performing some type of action. Whether its somebody teaching you how to do something in a video game or showing you how to build something, it doesnt matter.

Whats important is that Replay Video Capture has the capabilities to record this live stream along with the audio so you can watch it again whenever you so desire. So, this is really a great option if you want to learn something new or following some tutorials training.

Final Word
All in all, Replay Video Capture is a simple yet powerful program that does what it was built to do and thats to record any type of video youre watching onto your computer. This allows you to refer back to it in the future in case you missed something or simply to enjoy the entertainment once again.

Now the main difference between this program and Replay Media Catcher is that it allows you to record live streaming video. Thats it. This is a big plus if you like to watch live programs on your computer.

However, if you are simply looking for a software that will let you download videos and music off of websites like YouTube and Hulu and others, then I recommend you stick with Replay Media Catcher as its designed for that.