When it comes to purchasing a desktop computer, you do not have to spend a lot of money. If all you need is a computer for basic computing needs such as writing e-mails, playing music, web browsing and basic photo editing you can go low on the price. However, this does not mean going for the cheapest computer in the market. In order to get a good deal on a computer, you should know how to buy a cheap desktop computer.

The following are ways how to buy a desktop computer at a lower price:

1. Determine the purpose of the computer
Knowing what you want your computer to do for you ensures that you pick the right one without incurring extra costs. While desktop computers can be categorized by vendor, chassis design and operating systems, they can also be classified depending on their use. This includes general purpose, gaming, luxury and specialized professional or media computers. Picking the right computer will help you get one at price that meets your needs.

2. Go for used or refurbished computers
Buying a used or refurbished computer is a sure way of saving money. You can get refurbished computers from manufacturers, and these are offered at lower prices than new computers. Additionally, you can get used computers from individual sellers on secondary markets such as Amazon and eBay. This way, you get quality and performance without breaking the bank.

3. Find different sources and compare prices
There are numerous sources from which you can buy a computer when you are looking into how to buy a cheap desktop computer. Research different reliable and reputable sources, and compare the prices in these sites. This will ensure that you not only make a safe purchase, but also get a quality computer at a friendly price.

4. Narrow down the features to must-haves
Before purchasing a desktop computer, determine the features that you need for your lifestyle, schoolwork, job and gaming needs. While different people have different computing needs, there are some features that you should prioritize. Consider the memory (RAM), the processor, compatible connections/ports, resolution, storage space and graphics. Buying a desktop computer with additional features that you do not need will mean spending more money.

5. Keep an eye open for deals
Timing is key when it comes to buying a computer. You do not want to miss out on a good deal because you rushed to buy only to find the same computer or a better one at a better price a few weeks later. Find out when and for what period there are deals. While Black Friday is a good time to get deals, some computer vendors launch instate rebate programs randomly. Do not be afraid of holding off a purchase for a week or more to see whether you can get a lower price.

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When you are trying to save money on a desktop computer, it can be tempting to purchase the cheapest. However, do not do it. If it does not have the features you need and cannot serve the purpose you want, do not buy it. With this information on how to buy a cheap desktop computer, you are on your way to making an incredible buy that will meet your needs.