The security of WordPress websites and blogs happens to be one of the biggest concerns for developers. This is because there are many malicious users and hackers all around, and there is always the fear of getting your WP-hosted blogs and websites being hacked at any time. If you wish to make your WP sites more secure, you have to use the following steps in order to be on the safe side.

Update Regularly

You should regularly update your WP blog or website. Staying updated is one of the simplest ways to protect it from malicious attacks. Being the most popular CMS platform on the web, WordPress is targeted by thousands of hackers. Naturally, you have to develop an additional security layer around your blog or website. You have to be updated in order to ensure full security for your blog or site.

Backup Your Site Regularly

If you have a backup plan at all times, the security of your site will never take a hit. Irrespective of how secure your blog or website is otherwise, you should ensure that it is regularly backed up. This will keep the door open to future improvements.

Use Trusted Plugins and Themes

It is well known that WordPress comes with a wide range of free plugins and themes that can make web development more convenient and improve the overall functionality of your site. However, prior to choosing any theme or plugin, ensure that it is downloaded from a trusted source. Otherwise, your website security will take a hit and your data loss risks will be increased.

Use Robust Admin Passwords
Most of the attacks from hackers are successful due to weak passwords. Naturally, you should always make use of robust administrative passwords that combine complex characters and are difficult to guess and tough to break. Other than creating a complicated password, you always need to change your website password every month so that it cannot be easily broken.

Eliminate your WP Version Number

When hackers know the version of the WordPress platform that you are using, it can be more convenient for them to crack your security. Naturally, you should always eliminate the version number from your own website. Do not let hackers know which version of WP you are using for your blog or website.

Keep in mind that taking necessary actions ahead of time can ensure that the security of your WP blogs and websites always stays intact.